As humans have mapped out almost every section of the globe, it’s time for us to explore places beyond our planet. Experts agree that what the future holds for us is interstellar travel. As it stands right now, that may be a long way off. Nevertheless, Disney plans to give us a preview with its Space 220 Restaurant.

The House of Mouse might not have the technology to actually do that, but what it promises is an experience somewhat close to it. if you prefer to actually get your feet off the ground, then a trip to the Voyager Station is what you want to consider.

For now, we’ll take what Walt Disney World Epcot has to offer. Set for a mid-September launch, the Space 220 Restaurant is part of the theme park’s Mission: Space expansion. Although the dining attraction is not exactly floating in outer space, Disney is doing a wonderful job pulling off the effect.

Patrons will head on over to the Space 220 Departure lounge wherein they enter a space elevator, which takes them up to the establishment. We’re guessing this system is using hydraulics, mood lighting, and high-resolution displays simulating the gut-wrenching travel.

Guest finally arrive at the Centaur Space Station which is supposedly 220 miles above terra firma. To keep it immersive, large windows provide a panoramic view of the Earth, the International Space Station (ISS), and astronauts floating about.

The theme continues with the menu and cocktails while you pretend to marvel at how far technology has evolved. The Space 220 Restaurant is the closest one can get to space travel before it becomes commercial. Disney really knows how to turn imagination into reality.

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Images courtesy of Disney