While almost everyone recognizes Ferrari as a leading supercar marque, the Italian carmaker also extends its brand to other products. To date, we’ve seen eyewear, perfume, apparel, watches, and more with the Prancing Horse emblem. Meanwhile, those who took the time to visit its factory in Northern Italy might have learned about the Cavallino restaurant. After closing in 2019, the establishment is reopening its doors to the public.

Notable personalities behind the relaunching are Massimo Bottura and India Mahdavi. The former is a chef with three Michelin stars under his name. Meanwhile, the latter is a renowned architect. The duo is responsible for breathing new life into the Cavallino, which will be catering to patrons with a revamped menu and design.

Located just across Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Emilia Romagna, those in the area should drop by. After acquiring the land in 1942, the farmhouse was converted into a multipurpose structure. It was a training center, changing room, and a canteen before its public debut in 1950 as the Cavallino.

Company founder Enzo Ferrari frequently had guests over for lunch. These include friends, royalty, engineers, drivers, and others. Instead of the rustic tone of the original, it now sports a more modern theme. Of course, the branding – in the form of graphics and colors – will be familiar to fans.

Drawing inspiration from the values of the Ferrari, the restaurant is “the union of technology and craftsmanship, quality and performance.” Likewise, Bottura says: “Cavallino serves a hearty Emilian cuisine, where every dish tells a story. It is the kind of cuisine that you just can’t say no to.” Of course, with a high-calibre chef leading the kitchen, the food will be nothing short of spectacular.

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Images courtesy of Ferrari