We’ve come along way since electric vehicles were considered impossible due to the technical limitations at the time. Currently, the industry mas more than we can sink our teeth into, which is why manufacturers make it a point to stand out. Even two-wheeled transportation is switching over to battery power, which is exciting. Kicking off 2021, SONDORS is sharing details about its Metacycle that comes with a frame unlike any other.

Manufacturers know that they need to create something that is visually appealing to draw our attention. With the Metacycle, SONDORS is doing just that courtesy of its unique frame. The result is a retrofuturistic aesthetic that’s just awesome. Unlike traditional configurations, engineers and designers have more leeway when it comes to a lot of aspects.

For example, you can see that the frame of the Metacycle sports a huge cutout. On a regular bike, this is where one would normally find the fuel tank. What follows would then be the engine right under and. Instead, SONDORS cleverly uses the space to house the battery and shave off some weight without compromising the ride’s structural integrity.

SONDORS is optimizing the “exo-frame” and adding extras owners will love. A hollow section just above the ergonomic saddle functions as a compartment for wirelessly charging compatible devices. The transparent cover allows you to check for any notifications.

The 72V 4,000 Whr battery operates the PMAC hub motor to push the Metacycle up to speeds of 80 mph. Meanwhile, range on a full charge should be around 80 miles. You can get it in three colorways: Naked Silver, Arctic, and Supermassive. The latter would be our go-to choice for the awesome all-black stain finish.

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Images courtesy of SONDORS