There are a few rare exceptions, but all portable wireless speakers seem to share one unfortunate limitation: they struggle to reproduce low-frequency bass, resulting in a somewhat muddy and feeble sound. This is an extreme no-no for bassheads, of course. However, a Norway-based studio called Permafrost may be on to something with its Sodapop speaker.

Developed in Oslo, the Sodapop is a compact and wireless speaker with its own bass bottle that doubles as a protective case. It features a chamber that utilizes the material and air inside to increase bass-range sounds by as much as 10dB. As a result, the speaker is approximately twice as loud to the human ear. That basically means the speaker can generate twice as much bass just by attaching it to the speaker.

The portable speaker can also work with most plastic bottles from all over the world. It’s essentially the perfect travel companion for all music lovers out there.

The Sodapop features two full-range 4-watt speakers that Permafrost claims will provide rich sound without distortion. A passive bass membrane lies at the center of the speaker which gives the bottle an extra “kick.” There’s even a built-in touch panel for adjusting volume, skipping to the next track, or answering calls received on the smartphone it’s paired with. You’ll be able to squeeze up to 30 hours of music playback from this baby, thanks to its long-lasting 1600mAh battery.

Sodapop recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, with 263 backers helping bring the project to life. The wireless speaker should be available soon.

Sodapop Speaker Kickstarter Page

Photos courtesy of Sodapop’s Facebook page