When you want to pack light, especially during outdoor or camping excursions, then it’s better to bring a versatile tool that caters to your needs. A flashlight and knife are two of the most important camping tools you should have in your bag. But if you want an even lighter carry, then Smart & Savior Designs’ Transforming Flashlight Blade is for you.

This keychain multitool, as its name suggests, packs both a mini blade and a torch. The core of the tool is stainless steel but with an outer surface made with titanium bonded with nitrogen for high corrosion resistance. The nitrogen bond creates a nano-coating of TiN that renders an anti-bacterial surface when exposed to light.

Sharpened by hand grinding, the blade can cut small ropes, hard plastic, open sealed boxes or cut and peel fruits and vegetables. The blade when deployed stays in place via a magnetic system.  Meanwhile, the flashlight emits 100 lumens from its SMD power LED bulb with a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. It uses a single alkaline battery 29A or a set of LR 626 button cells. The battery has a life span of  60 hours with constant use and an integrated resistor prevents overheating. 

The Smart & Savior Designs’ Transforming Flashlight Blade powers with an easy twist open/off movement. It is designed to be pocket-friendly at a small size of 3.25″ long and easy in the hand and pocket with a weight of 30 grams. A keyhole makes it easy to attach to a keychain, carabiner, or tether so you can hang it on your belt, bag, or anywhere else within easy reach. Plus it looks elegant with its reverse helix shape.

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Images courtesy of Smart & Savior Designs