Droog Moto has done it again. The Silent Assassin E-Scramble, its latest build, is its quietest ever. Made for a client, the ride features a Brammo Empulse R base. That means it has a power of 40 kW, with a water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor. Interestingly, the battery drives a six-speed transmission.

What makes this even more special? An electric build. Droog Moto just proved that custom heavy metal builds don’t always have to be loud and contribute to pollution. The result is a bike that zooms with nary a peep.

You’ll find here Droog’s signature angular styling on full display, complete with a faux tank and exposed battery mounts, giving the bike a gorgeous industrial look. Not only that, the bike’s sharp edges and classy finish give it extra visual oomph, a mix of utilitarian and badass.

The lone client for which this was made gets a rear shortened rear subframe, which comes completely new with a leather skateboard seat. Plus, design elements that mimic exhaust pipes. The Silent Assassin E-Scrambler rides on 17-inch Marchesini wheels and an adjustable 43mm Marzocchi fork.

Electric is the way to go, Droog Moto seems to declare. You’ll find a J1772 level II charging system onboard. One that’s capable of fully juicing the Silent Assassin E-Scrambler in just 3.5 hours. Additionally, every 10 minutes of charge provides five miles, or eight kilometers of range. As for other flourishes, you get a 7-inch LED headlight. It’s fitted with into a steel tracker plate paired with a sleek hand-formed front fender.


Photos courtesy of Droog Moto