Shortly after teasing an all-electric hatchback called the Concept 20-23, Nissan throws another one our way just in time for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Currently named the Hyper Adventure, its design shows us a futuristic 4×4 ideal for people who want to regularly reconnect with nature. It is possible the SUV will be part of the company’s new fleet of EVs.

The Japanese marque is already committing to a completely eco-friendly lineup by 2030. Perhaps there will be more surprises in store when the automotive expo opens its doors to the media and public. Its rivals are likely gearing up with emission-free platforms of their own, hence the early publicity.

Sources share that the Hyper Adventure will embody its vehicle-to-everything (V2X) system. To put it simply, they want their EVs to be more than just for mobility. This approach is not exclusive to Nissan as other manufacturers have also considered this capability. At the end of the day, this versatility benefits owners as well as the national grid.

To ensure there is more than enough power so as not to trigger range anxiety among motorists, the Hyper Adventure, and others like it need a higher capacity setup. When away from an outlet or in an emergency, you can just directly plug in your devices to your electric SUV.

Nissan has yet to share specifics about its performance, but we do know the Hyper Adventure will use the e-4orce all-wheel-drive technology. This would make it a highly capable machine on and off the road. So far, the renders show an aggressive exterior aero styling with plenty of sharp edges.

In another image, we see retractable steps and a swiveling rear bench seat. The two front doors open conventionally, while the rear ones use a gull-wing style hinge. As for the interior, we have a geometric theme on almost everything and a yoke instead of a traditional steering wheel. We can’t wait to see what Nissan announces alongside the Hyper Adventure.

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Images courtesy of Nissan