Here at Men’s Gear, we’ve featured an awful lot of bikes. Out of all, most points go to Droog Moto’s motorcycles, not only because they always impress us, but also because the shop doesn’t seem to shy away from taking risks to innovate the present mold. Which brings us to the Droog Moto DM-015.

If you’ve seen Droog Moto’s previous handiwork, you know their motorcycles look like they came right out of a lavish science-fiction film shoot. The new one you see above is not an exception. The slick, slightly steampunk project sees the Kawasaki Nija 250 enter a drastic transformation to get ready for an imminent post-apocalyptic world.

Far from just looking beautiful, the thing runs excellently, too. That credit goes to Droog Moto, who always ensures each bike it disassembles gets tiptop performance in the end. The Droog Moto DM-015 boasts a 250cc engine that makes 36 horsepower. Which drives a six-speed gearbox, mind you. The numbers doesn’t seem all that impressive on paper. But consider that the bike is stripped to its bare essentials. Suddenly things get a little more interesting.

You get a front and rear suspension both fully upgrade to fully adjustable units. Also, you’ll find LED lighting that replaces the standard halogen bulbs on the bike. Each baby, in case you didn’t know, undergoes custom construction to satisfy the buyer’s standards. The shop takes your measurements and builds the bike to fit you personally. Thinking of those things is what really sets Droog Moto apart from the rest.


Photos courtesy of Droog Moto