Leave it to the Russians to come up with ambitious builds and machines that can either look stupid or insanely awesome at times. Previously, we featured a crazy project wherein a group of friends modified a Bentley Continental GT in a way nobody could imagine. This is Russia we’re talking about hence the luxury vehicle ended up becoming a tank. We’re not kidding, there are actual tank treads on the thing and we hate to admit it but it does look badass. Speaking of badassery, check out his ATV called the Sherp and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

At first glance, it looks a little odd with the oversized set of tires flanking the body. However, it serves a clear purpose in all this madness. This setup gives the Sherp 23 inches of ground clearance. Moreover, the manufacturer reveals that the self-inflating rubber adds versatility to the ATV. Along with the pneumatic circulating suspension system, it can practically traverse on almost every surface imaginable.

We found out that the Sherp is amphibious as well. The tires along with the hermetic craftsmanship of its aluminium body let it float and travel over water. Powering this unique ATV is a Kubota V1505-t engine producing 44.3 horsepower, giving it a maximum speed of 24.5 miles per hour. Don’t laugh just yet, because this vehicle can tackle inclines with a gradient of up to 35 degrees. We would gladly choose this over regular ATV for the sheer fun it can offer. The company also offers a pickup configuration for those who want one.

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Images courtesy of Sherp