This next item that we are going to talk about is surely something nobody can expect. The first time we heard about it also made us pause and double-check if the information is accurate. That’s right folks, Segway, the company responsible for that iconic self-balancing two-wheel transport is dabbling on something different. While we’ve seen the company create unique rides, its latest project is moving closer to that of a regular automobile. Meet the Villain – an ATV that’s surprisingly more of a cool hero than that bad buy.

Over the years, most of the mobility solutions offered by the company are largely intended for urban use. We can probably guess why it bears the name Villain as Segway defies all expectations. Given the brand’s nature of crafting cutting-edge products with a wow factor, this hybrid side-by-side has it all. Options are always welcome, which is why this ATV comes in two flavours. There’s your traditional 1,000-cc combustion engine, then there’s the 1,000-cc hybrid-engine.

The latter appears to be the way to go as electric motor reportedly extends the range. Overall the setup is a liquid-cooled, parallel twin-cylinder, DOHC powerplant capable of 181 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of instantaneous torque. Owners can push it to the limit as the dynamic suspension system handles all the bumps the come with the territory.

Up front is a dual-A arm with a stabilizer bar that supports travel of up to 15.6 inches. Meanwhile, on the rear end is a multi-link trailing-arm with stabilizer bar and travel of up to 16.7 inches. Just looking at the Segway Villain makes us want to take this bad boy out for a rough ride.

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Images courtesy of Segway