The season’s searing temperatures demand that people cool off with a nice cold beverage or maybe a dip in the pool. Some are heading to the beach, lake, or rivers to also enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Another favorite activity among guys and gals is summer warfare with Super Soakers. NERF blasters are likewise fun, but the Shelby Destroyer is out to change the game.

Foam darts have been the go-to ammunition for years now. Lately, we’re seeing manufacturers adding new models that are using foam balls. Those who want to upgrade their arsenal soon should check out what this crowdfunding project has to offer. For starters, the Shelby Destroyer fires foam discs.

Just like a Frisbee – only smaller and faster – you can safely shoot these projectiles at your buddies or any other targets. Moreover, since the foam discs are relatively thinner, you can easily load more into a magazine that’s roughly more compact than regular blasters.

According to H.P. Shelby Manufacturing, the Shelby Destroyer can hold up to 120 foam discs. Right now, the toy is in the concept stages, but they do have a video that shows it in action. Design-wise, the rifle boasts a futuristic look.

Adjustable power settings let you control how far or how hard the foam discs travel and hit, respectively. Switch between semi or automatic and fire up to six rounds per second. Also, the removable battery pack lets you quickly swap in a new one while the other charges.

Easily split into teams, which you can designate by the LED lighting colors. Ultimately, what makes the Shelby Destroyer an awesome toy is the durable build quality and reliable performance. In fact, the manufacturer backs it up with a 25-year warranty.

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Images courtesy of H.P. Shelby Manufacturing