For those planning to host a killer backyard barbecue, we might just have the equipment you need. A good recipe and quality ingredients can give you the best results, but the grill also matters. All the way from Japan, Seiki Design Studio gives us the BBQ & Co. – a minimalist choice for any home.

While a modern freestanding or built-in gas grill can get the job done faster, what the Kyoto-based company offers is more traditional. Just make sure to set expectations before you invite people over for some burgers or steaks. You’ll need a little more prep time to get the fire going since it uses wood.

While waiting for the coals to come down the metal chimney, the large surface gives you more room to prepare whatever needs to be grilled. The BBQ & Co. allows you to cook longer as your favorite wood gradually burns. Seiki Design Studio says it’s perfect for various types of grilled goodies.

We count steak, rotisseries chicken, and South American churrasco meats. Of course, you can practically throw anything you want on the cooking grates. Hey! Your grill, your rules, right? We only wish that the manufacture gives us more information about its specifications.

Judging by the photos, the BBQ & Co. is shipping with an additional food preparation table. There’s even a shelf down below to store your tools and seasonings. The grill features two legs with casters so it’s easy to move around when you need to. So far, Seiki Design Studio only has it in black.

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Images courtesy of Seiki Design Studio