Back in late 2001. the world saw the release of the Segway PT – a self-balancing two-wheel personal transport. These quirky machines continue to be an awesome alternative to vehicles in an urban area. Although there are other new platforms out there, the brand remains a powerful contender for innovative mobility solutions. Now, it’s time for the company to approach things a little differently. Therefore, it’s doing exactly that with the KickScooter T60 and it looks like another fun ride as its predecessor.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new configuration. Although the original’s self-balancing system was not exactly without its share of problems, it made for an awesome experience. The KickScooter T60 is an electric three-wheeler that offers a form of automation that will benefit service providers. What this means is that an operator can take control of a fleet of these e-scooters for various functions. Users have the option of charging it wirelessly or via a floor-mounted dock. Overall, this looks like a convenient solution to reduce traffic in congested cities.

What we’re getting here is a mix of remote accessibility and artificial intelligence elements to make our rides practically seamless. The integrated fisheye camera on the KickScooter T60 can identify various details of its surroundings. This allows the AI to plot an obstacle-free path for hassle-free navigation. Moreover, the reverse-trike chassis provides stability, while the suspension enhances handling. Segway says that the e-scooter has a range of around 38 miles with a top speed of about 20 mph. Meanwhile, regenerative braking can extend the mileage alongside conservative driving.

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Images courtesy of Segway