Minimalism and style go well together in The Secrid Cardslide Wallet, a convenient way to carry your on-the-go necessities such as credit cards, cast, and more. It consists of a Cardprotector and a Slide, held together by a Moneyband. This ensures your items stay in place despite your movements.

The extendable slide lets you carry coins, keys, business cards, and other small personal items. Meanwhile, the elastic bank secures banknotes and other small paper items. This slim wallet can hold up to six cards depending on card thickness. Those with embossed letters are thicker than the regular ones which are slimmer.

The Secrid Cardslide Wallet provides convenience not only in storage but also in access. It uses a simple slide-out movement to bring the cards out in an overlapping sequence so you can easily select the right card. Simply slide the card back in to return it to its slot.

Outside of its storage features, this modular wallet provides protection against data theft through built-in RFID/NFC scanning. It is also built to last. The Slide is of high-quality polycarbonate, similar to those used in the making of bulletproof glass. Meanwhile, the casing is of high-quality aluminum construction so it is sturdy and prevents your cards from breaking or bending.

The Secrid Cardslide Wallet is a little bigger compared to its predecessor the Cardprotector albeit it is slim and lightweight. It only measures 68 x 104 x 17 mm and weighs 70 grams. It comes in six different colors inspired by European countries including Paris, London, Oslo, Amsterdam, Rome, and Berlin.

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Secrid Cardslide Wallet Secrid Cardslide Wallet Secrid Cardslide Wallet


Images courtesy of Secrid