If you’re looking for something more tangible and less prone to damage than leather wallets, there are plenty of options to choose from. One such option is the Elephant N3D Wallet, a slick-looking minimalist with RFID built-in.

Made from durable yet lightweight aluminum, this is a robust pick that’ll please every man out there who’s grown weary of leather variants. And though it’s made of metal, the thing is really lightweight. Needless to say it’s no pain to lug around and feels barely there. By the way, the aluminum is scratch-resistant as well. So it will remain unscathed even if it jangles alongside your keys and other metallic objects in the bag.

The Elephant N3D Wallet can store up to 9 nine cards and some cash thanks to its built-in fabric elastic strap. And in case you don’t really like the red variant as seen above, there are 13 other color options to choose from.

And just in case women are reading this: The Elephant N3D Wallet is fine choice for you, too. Especially if you don’t much prefer too cutesy options commonly marketed toward women. If you’re aesthetic veers more toward the gritty, sleek, and svelte, this is a must-have. Just know you won’t be able to store other knick-knacks beyond cards and a thin wad of cash. Still, if you prefer to carry light essentials, the wallet’s space is probably sufficient enough.

It’s a steal at just $32.99, especially considering that it’s got an RFID blocker. Hit the link below to see the other color options.


Photos courtesy of Elephant