Precision and response time are crucial in order to win over your opponent, which is why there is a market for professional-grade accessories. Among all the platforms available, PC gamers have an insane number of choices when it comes to input devices. Meanwhile, console gamers normally use first-party controllers for reliability. However, with Scuf controllers such as the Vantage 2, it won’t be long before you are racking up wins against your rivals.

If you are a competitive type of gamer, reflexes, skills, and a deep understanding of the game’s meta can spell success. On the other hand, the type of gear in your arsenal can likewise become the key to victory. Unlike regular controllers, Scuf offers a customizable alternative that can adapt to your playstyle. Holding an ergonomic gamepad that can be tweaked to suit your needs is definitely an enticing offer.

As the name already implies, the Vantage 2 is the second-generation model for the PS4. You should know that this type of controller is perfect for all types of games. Nevertheless, it truly shines when it comes to shooters. The problem with most first-party controllers is the configuration. By default, most of the basic actions are mapped on the face buttons. This makes it difficult to perform other functions without taking your thumb off the right analog stick.

In contrast, the Scuf Vantage 2 features four programmable paddles on the back. This allows you to aim and press the buttons you need using your fingers that grip the controller in the first place. Furthermore, users can adjust the height of the thumbsticks and even take out the vibration motors to reduce the gamepad’s weight. Overall, the versatility it brings to the table is exceptional.

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Images courtesy of Scuf