Sometimes, a mode of transportation can become an icon overnight according to how big its impact is on the industry. Most often it’s the quality, performance, and design that elevates its status above the competition. This is exactly what happened to Piaggo in 1946 when it introduced a globally beloved scooter called the Vespa. Shortly thereafter, shops that specialize in unique aftermarket customizations began to pop up. One such outfit is Scooter & Service, which prides itself in bespoke productions based on the platform.

Not only does the Scooter & Service provide bespoke units that are guaranteed to turn heads, but it also offers parts and tuning services. To ensure that clients have a substantial lineup to choose from, brands such as Pinasco, Keihin, Malossi, and Piaggo are available. If there is something that a specific project needs, the team can even manufacturer these parts in small batches.

The establishment works out of Hamburg, Germany and caters to first-time Vespa owners as well as longtime and discerning fans of the scooter. They can even breathe new life into vintage models that have not seen action for a while. Restomods are a great way for collectors to bring back the glory of their favorite machines.

Scooter & Service prides itself in delivering breathtaking builds such as the Hot Rod Vespa. Despite retaining that humble and classic aesthetics Piaggo would be proud of, it packs a mean punch. This comes from the tweaked Husqvarna WR 250 engine that generates 38 horsepower. This is just one of the many configurations you can go for.

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Images courtesy of Scooter & Service