Sanikind is a sustainable way to keep safe amid this pandemic. It is a portable sanitizer stored in a bottle made from recycled plastic.

A bottle holds 1 fl oz. of 80 percent, methanol-free alcohol, which is higher than a lot of options in the market. The makers worked with local US distilleries that manufacture to the W.H.O. and F.D.A. making it safe for everyday use. And because the spray comes out as a mist, it is practically safe to use on anything not just on the hands. You can use it on tech gadgets including your mobile phone. It practically works on everything. You can spray it on doorknobs, toys, keys, bags, wallets, and things you hold most of the time.

Likewise, unlike gel-type sanitizers, the Sanikind is fast-drying and not sticky. A bottle of the mini size gives you over 250 sprays.

What makes this product eco-friendly is its bottle which is made from ocean-bound plastic and plastics collected from rivers in Haiti. Even the 16 oz refill bottle is not made of plastic but recyclable aluminum. This product is also cruelty-free and unscented for a squeaky clean feeling.

The Sanikind is from the same brilliant minds who introduced the reusable FinalStraw to the market. The company prides itself on providing portable and efficient solutions to everyday necessities. This product comes in a compact size and with a carabiner for easy carrying. You can attach it to your bag or belt. You can also simply just keep it in your bag and it will not take up a lot of space.

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Images courtesy of Sanikind