Coffee tastes better when using freshly ground beans. But what if you can take that up a notch and make a cup of joe straight after the roasting process. This you can do easily with the Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster. 

You can probably add a barista to your resume when you’ve become adept at operating this machine. It may look nothing like a traditional coffee bean roaster with its compact cube design. But it does exactly as its name implies and better, at a touch of a button. 

The Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster stimulates heating with direct fire. It uses quartz heating tubes to quickly and evenly roast beans. It can hold large quantities of beans, up to 550g which is ideal for families and can last for a month. An enlarged glass window lets you observe the process so you can see the beans change color. It even comes with a chaff collection tray for easy cleanup and an oil collection tank.

Likewise, this coffee roaster ensures you don’t get torched with built-in heat insulation. Unlike traditional coffee roasters, it is also quiet and operates at 65dB. This way you don’t wake up your entire household. 

So how does it work? The Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster takes the guesswork out of making the perfect roast. It works in conjunction with a mobile app that lets you explore heating modes up to RoR 35 so you can choose from light, medium, and dark roast anytime. It even lets you customize with adjustments on parameters such as the timing of the first and second crack, roasting time, fan power, heat temperature, and drum speed. Then it alerts you on the first crack and at the end of the roasting process so you can cool the beans for use.

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Images courtesy of Sandbox Smart