When it comes to display technology, Sony, LG and Samsung are perhaps the biggest names out there. Although there are Chinese brands such as TCL and Xiaomi that have been surging in popularity, discerning buyers will go for established names in the industry. After giving us The Frame TV, the South Korean consumer electronics outfit targets another segment with The Sero.

In its regular configuration, this model seems like any other flat screens out there. Samsung loves to innovate home entertainment and their engineers came up with a crazy feature. With the understanding that most people now consume their multimedia on their smartphones and tablets, the company endows The Sero a quirky but interesting functionality.

To make it easier for us to view content in a format that is compatible with mobile devices, this TV rotates. Yes, surveys show that these days, most videos and images are usually taken with a vertical screen in mind. By default, we normally hold our handsets and slates in portrait orientation. To ensure that whatever we mirror on The Sero scales properly, Samsung allows it to rotate.

You can always switch it back to landscape to play video games or watch movies. Nevertheless, it’s the novelty of keeping it upright that’s becoming its biggest selling point. Another awesome element about The Sero is the integrated stand/speaker assembly. The casters make it easy to move around, while adjustable stoppers keep it in place.

The bottom section houses a 60W speaker system to deliver powerful audio. Meanwhile, the Navy Blue colorway somehow pairs well with the overall design. The Sero flaunts a 42.5 QLED panel with a 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution. Those who frequent social media platforms are sure to love it.

Buy – $1699.99

Images courtesy of Samsung