Among the business greatly affected by the pandemic lockdowns are the movie theaters and the studios that make the films. In order to adapt, many of the biggest entertainment companies have shifted their efforts to pay-per-view or streaming platforms. Therefore, those who crave the cinema vibe are likely in the market for devices that can emulate it. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options available. For example, The Premiere from Samsung takes into account homes with limited spaces and still deliver an immersive experience.

The problem with most types of high-end projectors is the distance it needs to properly display the images on the screen or wall. If it’s positioned too closely, the size will be affected. Therefore, users who do not have an adequate area cannot enjoy its full potential.

Samsung, on the other hand, provides a simple solution that does not compromise visual quality. The Premiere is actually a short-throw model that can be set closer to the projector screen or surface. The Premiere is part of Samsung’s Lifestyle catalog of premium entertainment hardware.

So far, the South Korean outfit is giving us the picture frame-esque The Serif, the rotating The Sero, and the outdoor-ready The Terrace. These lineup of products sports features and looks that will blend with your home’s décor. In short, these are pricey pieces of consumer electronics.

Samsung is offering two variants of The Premiere: LSP9T and LSP7T. The Premiere is capable of up to a 130-inch projection and is apparently the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector with triple laser technology. Meanwhile, the latter is still impressive nonetheless with a projection size of up to 120 inches minus the brightness levels of the range-topping version.

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Images courtesy of Samsung