Prior to the 2019 Apple Keynote presentation, rumors were swirling around regarding this year’s hardware refresh. As expected, the company’s event brought a slew of fresh goodies to look forward to later this month. What took us by surprise was the reveal of the Apple Watch Series 5. It’s already customary for the tech manufacturer to introduce a new model each year. Nevertheless, we know there’s always something new in store for consumers.

The previous generation of the stylish device was a groundbreaking product. It was the first smartwatch to integrate an electrocardiogram system to monitor the user’s heart rhythm. The function adds versatility on top of the other health tracking options of the Apple Watch Series 5.

In turn, users benefit from the comprehensive overview they can access anytime via the Health app. Now, on top of these great features, Apple is sprinkling a little more to entice buyers who are still on the fence right now.

Aesthetic-wise, you’re looking at the familiar rectangular case with rounded corners. We’re guessing that Apple wants it to be compatible with existing accessories. However, this new model now sports an always-on Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxid (LTPO) display. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 5 boasts a compass to guide you on your way.

Even with the new add-on functionalities, battery life still hits the 18-hour mark like the outgoing model. Those hoping to get one soon can likewise opt for a premium titanium version. Sadly, sleep tracking is still a missing feature that consumers would have loved to see on the Apple Watch Series 5.

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Images courtesy of Apple