Despite its apparent lack of innovation over the years, Apple remains a premium brand when it comes to tech. While its iPhone lineup is facing tough competition against smartphones on Google’s Android ecosystem, some of its hardware continue to corner certain markets such as the Apple Watch and AirPods. It seems Samsung is ready to take on its rival with the impressive Galaxy Watch 3 and Galax Buds Live respectively.

We’ve already published a feature on the South Korean company’s smartwatch and now its time to focus on another wearable. The arrival on true-wireless audio technology appears to have redefined Bluetooth earphones. Even though Apple was late in the game, it managed to rise to the top. Now, that spot is under threat as the Galaxy Buds Live packs enough features to make it stand out.

Almost every other tech group now includes a pair of wireless earbuds in their catalogues. What immediately sets its apart from the Apple’s offerings is the design. the ergonomic shape of its housing delivers remarkable comfort, which makes it great for all-day usage. Moreover, Samsung seeks to differentiate itself from the rest who are evidently copying Apple much like the controversial iPhone X notch.

The Galaxy Buds Live is also Samsung’s first open-air model that keeps ambient noise audible for the user’s safety. Active noise cancellation technology should filter out some unwanted sound but don’t expect too much. It would be difficult to do so without a seal, which is a compromise the engineers were willing to take. Finally, total battery life is a total of 29 hours which already includes the additional power from the charging case.

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Images courtesy of Samsung