The SafeZone no-contact door opener makes opening doors convenient and safe. It is handy not just amid this pandemic but in any normal everyday situations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone turning to efficient means to keep safe and healthy. The use of face masks, sanitizers, face shields, and alcohol has never been more important to prevent the spread of the virus that causes the fatal disease. Door handles can be breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and viruses. That’s why this 3D device comes in handy when you want to open doors.

The SafeZone no-contact door opener is a tool that lets you open doors not with your hand but with your foot. It is compatible with any door that has a turning handle. The device is attached to the knob for a secure fit.

The SafeZone no-contact door opener uses a pedal that you press on to activate the lever that opens the handle. It comes in four models ideal for specific uses: Residential, Commercial, Premium All-Metal Commercial, and Construction. It is best to use it in high-contact places where there is great foot traffic. These include hotels, hospitals, cafes, offices, classrooms, and more.

This door opener is also convenient when you find your hands full of either groceries, bags, or other items. It even comes in two different footpad options for ease of use. One works for standard shoes and the other suits work boots.

The SafeZone no-contact door opener uses hardware or screws for a permanent solution. But if you prefer to have it as a temporary door opener then you can use double-sided tape to tape it to your door’s surface.

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Images courtesy of Wave of the future 3d