Despite the slow commercial and industrial adoption of augmented reality (AR) platforms, there have been some recent advancements. In fact, with people socially distancing amid the pandemic, researchers are coming up with ways to make remote interactions more immersive. Other significant uses include Mercedes-Benz wherein its dealerships in the USA will start to use Microsoft HoloLens to perform diagnostics and repairs. Facebook is also developing one for helping people focus. Now, what we have here is RYCA Motors and their Suzuki CS-1X.

When you first see, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about this motorcycle. However, we were hinting at a certain type of tech a while ago which is exactly why it’s a unique build. This shop in California is experimenting with certain approaches in customizing a bespoke ride for its clients.

Giving them the ability to do so is their in-house software, which they are calling the Fantom View. The Suzuki CS-1X we are teasing in the images here are the result of this cool approach. The thing is, with the huge selection of aftermarket parts for enthusiasts, some might find it difficult to envision how everything would look together.

Traditionally, one would rely on their imagination or perhaps sketch it out on a piece of paper. Meanwhile, Ryca Motors is taking the process way ahead of the competition via AR technology. Although the shop did not specify, it is possible to work remotely with customers.

As long as both parties have the hardware that supports AR interactions, it becomes an innovative solution amid the health crisis. This allows them to discuss how each part would fit, test different colors, and so much more. In fact, the Suzuki CS-1X is a testament to its potential.

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Images courtesy of RYCA Motors Inc.