Whenever you talk about the pinnacle of automotive luxury, Roll-Royce is definitely up there on the list. Each time it releases or teases something new, buyers are always assured that they are getting only the best. We all love a good mystery or conspiracy theory every now and then, and it seems the British Marque does so as well. Check out the Wraith Kryptos, which the company claims holds secrets that only the designer and CEO are privy to.

While this vehicle appears to be a regular yet elegant model from afar, a closer inspection reveals unique elements that set it apart from the rest of the Wraith lineup. Not only do owners have a stunning automobile in their possession, but it appears to also offer an immersive experience. As Implied by its namesake, Kryptos, which in ancient Greek means hidden, Rolls-Royce has infused ciphers all around.

These are practically in plain sight, but tasks you to decode each one to unlock the special message. So far, the only clue available is that the starting point is the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. After successfully deciphering whatever is on there, the hunt continues throughout the entirety of the Wraith Kryptos. We love how the Rolls-Royce mixes blue and green mica flakes into the Delphic Grey coat, which only shows under direct light.

Moreover, the Kryptos Green elements distributed around the coupe add enigmatic contrast to its aesthetics. Even the iconic Starlight headliner gets a cryptic treatment with patterns that resemble circuitry. Rolls-Royce really knows how to make a bold and enigmatic statement with the Wraith Kryptos. Only a few can own this exclusive ride and even fewer can unlock whatever it lies beneath it all.

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Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce