With the situation we’re facing right now, you’re probably staying indoors even more than before. We’re guessing that you might have taken a tour around your home and spotted some areas that could do with some enhancements. If your man cave is missing something that would add a level of luxury that others can only dream of, a pricey solution could be on hand. To match your mansion, exotic cars, yacht, why not add the 11 Ravens x Rolls-Royce Stealth pool table?

If the brand seems familiar, we recall featuring one of the snazzy products previously on our pages. Now, the company is reworking its Stealth series in partnership with the British luxury carmaker. Given that 11 Ravens already offers a wealth of customization options, this one, in particular, appears to be the most lavish yet. As such, what we have here is precision engineering at its finest that oozes with style from any angle.

Instead of the name implies, this masterpiece does not fly under the radar. Instead, it will immediately grab your anyone’s attention the moment it is within view. The 11 Ravens x Rolls-Royce Stealth is an exclusive collaboration that is available for the elite few. The set features LED lighting and even comes with custom billiard balls with cue sticks.

While most elements of the pool table are in an elegant black finish, another color adds a beautiful contrast. Using 14-carat solid gold sheets and black Lucite panels, the combination is a mesmerizing sight to behold. Talk about versatility, the 11 Ravens x Rolls-Royce Stealth even doubles as a dining table. With an insane $250,000 price tag, we can only dream of having one.

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Images courtesy of 11 Ravens