Not long ago, Rolls-Royce paid homage to space exploration with a limited edition take called the Phantom Tranquillity. This sweet ride has all the bells and whistles that match its luxury vibe. It seems that special releases are still on the menu with the unveiling of the Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII. Just like the former, this new ride likewise pays homage to another historical feat for humanity. You can say that this ride is one fitting tribute for the pioneers of transatlantic flight.

For those of you who love their history, Arthur Brown and John Alcock were the first to complete a non-stop flight over the Atlantic ocean. These British aviators piloted a World War I Vickers Vimy bomber from Newfoundland to Ireland. The duo was also carrying mail at the time, thus marking it as the first transatlantic airmail flight as well.

The Wraith Eagle VIII is a fitting name for this commemorative vehicle for a specific reason. The aforementioned aircraft was powered by two 350-horsepower 20.3-liter Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII engines. This exclusive run will offer only 50 examples of this premium automobile. The exterior sports a Selby Grey and two-tone Gunmetal colorway. Additionally, the front grille vanes and wheels feature a dark coat of paint as well.

Slip inside the lavish cabin and witness a similar color scheme of Selby Grey and Black leather upholstery. Aviation enthusiasts will no doubt admire the eucalyptus wood panels of the dash with inlaid copper and silver. These apparently mimic the view pilots see of cities during night time flights. The Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII is another mesmerizing masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship.

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Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce