Superyacht designers occasionally use legendary supercars as the template for their avant-garde vessels. Rolls-Royce is turning things around with the Boat Tail by channeling a unique profile. This luxury sedan maintains the marque’s signature craftsmanship, but with a seaworthy silhouette.

From the front, the Boat Tail may look like your average Rolls-Royce vehicle. However, as you slowly drift toward the rear, that’s when it finally makes sense. The sleek curves that begin right after the doors taper into a distinct outline.

The seafaring theme comes alive as the Caleidolegno-veneered wooden deck on the trunk are not only for show. With a gentle press of a button, the butterfly mechanism comes to life and lifts the lids up like wings. Before it fully opens, blue lights illuminate the inside to reveal a sophisticated hosting suite.

Double refrigerators cool your favorite bottles of champagne or other beverages complete with glasses to serve them in. Rolls-Royce’s coachbuilders even include a telescoping parasol, two cocktail tables, and folding stools. Just like a yacht tender, but only on land, the Boat Tail boasts features that will surely impress your guests.

Although there are only two portals, the 2+2 seating of the convertible means your friends and loved ones won’t be left out. The exterior comes in light blue, but the hood starts with a darker shade that gradually fades into a gradient hue near the windshield.

Reminding us of its bespoke nature, are two exclusive Bovet 1822 double-side tourbillon timepieces for the gentleman and the lady. These can be removed from the dash and worn for those special events. Rolls-Royce plans to build only three examples of the Boat Tail.

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Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce