Modern smartphones are powerful all-in-one devices that replace our need for multiple gadgets. The multimedia capabilities of these pocket-friendly computers can even surpass that of older PCs. A lot of the newer models that are coming out boast next-generation camera sensors for taking photos and videos. However, manufacturers often neglect the importance of a good microphone. We might be taking amazing footage and images but the recorded audio is usually sub-par. For those who are serious about recording the high-fidelity sound, the Roland R-07 is a top-notch item to have in your possession.

The R-07 sports premium stereo microphones with a one-button toggle to adjust the settings according to what you’re capturing. It supports both mono and stereo recording up to 24-bit/96 kHz for WAV and up to 320 kbps for MP3. Is also features Bluetooth connectivity so that users can remotely access its functions and monitor the device’s status. Moreover, the Roland companion app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This high-resolution recorder sports a rugged no-nonsense design that can practically handle all kinds of bumps and bruises.

It might look like an intimidating gadget that requires a lot of reading to understand, but it’s pretty straightforward. The interface is user-friendly with punchy tactile buttons to control its functions. Highlighting its portable nature, the Roland R-07 opts to use two AA batteries instead of a built-in lithium-ion unit. A fresh pair can approximately last up to 16 hours for recording and up to 30 hours for playback. Users can even slap in a couple of rechargeable batteries and use the USB port to top them up when it gets low.

Grab one now for $199.99

Images courtesy of Roland