Now is a great time for people who love music. There’s no shortage of artists who create mesmerizing tunes and the technology grows along with them. Playback has come a long way and adoption of the digital medium makes distribution much easier. Nevertheless, audiophiles claim that analog is the best way to go if you want the best fidelity. It’s probably the reason why turntables such as the Cambridge Audio Alva TT and others exist in the first place. While some brands still choose to keep its wires, there are newer models that now have wireless connectivity.

These days, minimalism is a popular design trend and the manufacturers are quick to adapt. Unless there are integrated speakers with the turntable, you still need to hook it up to a couple of speakers. However, for users who want to blast their tunes from a different part of the house, wireless is the way to go. Cambridge Audio understands what consumers are looking for. Hence, the Alva TT includes Bluetooth streaming with support for aptX HD. Sound reproduction should stay crystal clear given the 24 bit/48 kHz Hi-Res streaming speeds.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to keep the wires, the built-in phono stage handles things nicely. The Cambridge Audio Alva TT ditches the belt-drive and goes with a medium-torque direct-drive system. It’s a smart decision given that the former uses elastic that will eventually stretch over time and affect accuracy. To keep playback stable, the turntable uses a Polyoxymethylene platter. Lastly, the one-piece tonearm and the MC cartridge is the magic pieces that deliver pure audio bliss from your records.

Cambridge Audio

Images courtesy of Cambridge Audio