When it comes to packing up for a weeklong holiday, keeping essentials safe is always a priority. You don’t want to end up losing precious items on your travel and when it comes to keeping them secure, luggage brand Rimowa never disappoints. They are introducing another space-inspired release, the Rimowa Original Cabin Moon Suitcase.

 A follow-up to its “Mars and Mercury” capsule released earlier this year, the suitcase features Moon-inspired print. The shell showcases the moon’s cratered surface splashed across the brand’s signature grooved aluminum shell. For a complete space-inspired theme, the silver shell has contrasting colors chosen as a subtle nod to the astronauts.

This carry-on travel gear also comes with red and white detailing along the sides of the suitcase. There is also a white leather luggage tag with red edging. Both pay homage to the signature spacesuits. In true Rimowa fashion, the aluminum shell on the Rimowa Original Cabin Moon Suitcase also has an array of surface treatments to secure the added color pigments.

This is a limited-edition release and only comes with 750 pieces. The number is in reference to the 750,000-kilometer round trip journey between the brand’s headquarters in Cologne and the moon on the date of its launch.” Rounding up its design is the brand’s signature logo engraved on the front. It also has its Multiwheel System that comprises ball-bearing mounted wheels with cushioned axels that ensure effortless steering. Then there’s the telescopic handle, TSA-approved locks, and the height-adjustable Flex Divider. The Rimowa Original Cabin Moon Suitcase will be available for purchase on Nov. 10, both online and in-store. 

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Rimowa Original Cabin Moon Suitcase

Images courtesy of Rimowa