A little goes a long way with the Rhinomed Turbine Nasal Dilator. It helps you keep up with your breathing when you exercise or do strenuous activities.

This small yet helpful gear is especially good for athletes or triathletes. It is clinically proven to increase airflow by 38% and it doesn’t require a complex process to operate. It simply latches to your nostrils and stays put no matter your movements. Its ultra-soft angled ribbing on the paddles that extends around the curved arms for better grip and comfort. Likewise, its shape follows the internal anatomy of the nose for added comfort and secure grip.

The Rhinomed Turbine Nasal Dilator aids in breathing using an enclosed dilation mechanism that provides an individualized fit and adjusts according to the situation. It is a soft polymer stent that dilates your nose and not only increases airflow. It also reminds you to breathe naturally through your nose in a more controlled and efficient way. Best of all, it is lightweight and flexible for a comfortable experience.

A pack of this health gear gives you three sizes: small, medium, and large, and each size is reusable up to ten times. 3-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome stands by its effectiveness and reliability. He calls it a “great piece of equipment” that helps him focus less on energy and breathing but on keeping his head in the game.

The Rhinomed Turbine Nasal Dilator is best for non-contact sports or training. These include yoga, running, weight training, Cross Fit, and more.

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Images courtesy of Rhinomed