Name a more iconic collaboration than Ressence teaming up with Chronopassion. Well, you probably can. But still, the point stands. These two iconoclasts hitched to bring us the Ressence Type 1 ZZ. In an all-black finish with a matte black DLC treatment on the case, no less.

The watch looks gorgeous and sleek as heck; something a neo-noir steampunk James Bond would wear. One of the key highlights is the matte dark grey PVD treatment on the nine components that constitute the watch’s dial.

For those of you Type 1 ZZ newcomers, this watch has no crown. Instead, it has a winding and setting mechanism on the caseback. Once set, the Ressence Orbital Convext System smoothly rotates inside. There are individual registers inside that indicate hour, minutes, seconds, and days of the week. It’s a pretty bizarre system, but that’s part of the whole package, really. Plus, it makes the luxury watch more unique and appealing than most options out there with conventional crown-based systems.

For those of you Type 1 ZZ connoisseurs might be inclined to think that this is a riff on Ressence’s first design. And you’re right, actually. The above watch borrows heavily from the original Type 1 Slim, which here is a delightful merit more than it’s a demerit. If you’re wondering about the name, it refers to the Flemish term for “black black” — “Zwart Zwart” — and for ZZ Top. That’s Chronopassion owner Laurent Picciotto favorite band.

Limited to just 20 examples, it’s worth noting. So act fast if you want this on your wrist. It’s available exclusively from Chronopassion. Hit the link below for more details.


Photos courtesy of Ressence and Chronopassion