Already an established name when it comes to professional filmmaking, RED was recently the subject of criticism for something totally unexpected. In 2018, the company shocked the tech industry with a smartphone. Despite its remarkable gimmicks, the Hydrogen One was considered a sub-par handset. Thankfully, it’s back to what it does best as we can see on the V-Raptor ST.

At $24,500, this imaging beast is what many would consider as on the high-end spectrum. On the other hand, if you are familiar with the brand’s lineup, this is one of its more affordable models. The V-Raptor ST is their new flagship which also carries its latest advanced sensor.

Those who act now can grab it in a limited-edition shade of white, but we believe it won’t stay available for long. Not to worry though if you missed out because RED will still have it in a stealthy black colorway thereafter. The compact and modular elements you know and love are still intact.

The aluminum alloy construction keeps it lightweight at only 4.03 lbs (minus the body cap and CFexpress card). The V-Raptor ST is the first entry into what they are calling the DSMC3 generation. It packs an 8K VV 35.4-megapixel CMOS sensor, which “boasts the highest recorded dynamic range of any RED camera.”

By default, the RED V-Raptor ST touts an integrated RF mount for a wide range of compatible lenses. Depending on the brand of CFexpress media cards, data rates can go up as high as 800 MB/s. For a couple of grand more, the Starter Pack includes essential add-ons you need to shoot out of the box.

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Images courtesy of RED