Aside from the gaming industry’s remarkable growth last year due to the health crisis, content creators also reported a substantial increase in viewership. As such, manufacturers are adjusting to the demand. These days, we are seeing new gadgets designed specifically for creative professionals. In fact, startups are now crowdfunding unique products such as the Alice Camera to help them out. What this hopes to achieve is become a portable replacement for your DSLR.

These days most flagship handsets have capabilities that can match or outclass the performance of professional-grade cameras. However, most creators prefer to work with equipment intended for capturing photos and videos. The Alice Camera is best described as an imaging accessory that pairs with your smartphone.

It clips to your device to turn it into a sleek mirrorless camera. Furthermore, its mounting system is compatible with most micro four-thirds lens. According to the folks behind the Alice Lens, it will support multiple functionalities. These include autofocus, lens stabilization, aperture adjustment, and more. With an adapter, you can even use vintage lenses.

It even improves ergonomics with a comfortable grip just like on a regular digital camera Inside the Alice Camera is a Sony IMX924 4/3 sensor. Therefore, features such as 4K video, exceptional low-light capture, and dynamic range are available. The integrated Edge TPU and FPGA chips make each shot as detailed as possible.

With the Alice Camera companion app for Android and iOS, your smartphone becomes the viewfinder. Moreover, this allows you to stream or share content over mobile data for convenience. Casual users will not likely benefit from this platform, but the rest who need something like it will.

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Images courtesy of Alice Camera