Among the awesome watches we regularly feature here, we find the ones from REC never cease to impress. Watchmakers often follow a distinct theme which makes them memorable for longtime collectors and even those who recently started. Their latest models are sure to send American car culture enthusiasts into a frenzy. The P-51 Limited collection represents what the brand’s namesake is all about – recovering materials from iconic machines. This time, its from vehicles developed by the legendary Caroll Shelby.

If you have no idea who he was, we suggest you watch the movie Ford v Ferrari by James Mangold. It’s a great film that provides insight into the man behind some of the most sought-after vehicles of all time. It’s all about the beauty and power of muscle cars that make the P-51 Limited so appealing for so many people.

REC is designing the P-51 Limited Green Hornet around a 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 EXP. This comes in a 42 mm 316L stainless-steel tonneau case in gray and black PVD tones. Its handcrafted dial is cut from the actual vehicle in question. Meanwhile, the P-51 Limited Little Red takes after a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 EXP. Its 42 mm 316L stainless-steel case is finished in black PVD

Each has a unique dial design made of metal sourced from the actual Mustangs of their namesake. Aside from the aesthetic, both share the same Swiss Technology Production STP-12-13 automatic movement. REC is honoring these two fantastic projects from Shelby in the best way possible. The REC P-51 Limited Green Hornet will have 282 examples, while the Little Red gets 318. Better hurry up because this is a close as you can get to owning rare pieces of automotive memorabilia.

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Images courtesy of REC