In Japan, space is a premium. As such, Japanese are masters of optimizing what little area there is so that it does not compromise comfort and utility. As the new norm sees people move from the office to their homes, OPEN SOHKO DESIGN is ready to help. Check out the Re-SHOKO TRANSFORM BOX.

With the creative input from NOSIGNER, this is an outstanding space-saving platform for small rooms. At roughly the size of a standard distribution pallet, moving this around won’t be a logistical nightmare. It is a handy option for folks who want a change of scenery every now and then.

Well, if you’ve seen the images, the Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX is a lot of things. Depending on what you need, it can be configured to become an office, a workbench, and a whole lot more. Before going any further, you’ll be happy to know that almost everyone can own one.

How, you ask? Well, NOSIGNER and OPEN SOHKO DESIGN are sharing the schematics for free. That’s right, as long you have a passion for DIY and don’t mind the cost of shopping for the materials you can have one at home.

The Re-SHOKO TRANSFORM BOX is a perfect project for those who want to test their crafting skills. From the samples, we can already envision the near-endless ways we can build ours. It is practically a portable (in a sense) and a highly customizable workstation.

You can even use it as a large personal storage for tools and supplies when you need one. Just remember to install locks to keep your stuff safe. The Re-SHOKO TRANSFORM BOX could totally change how we approach home office or workshop design.

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Images courtesy of OPEN SOHKO DESIGN