Razer has its fair share of fans and critics. Still, it appears those who love their products far outnumber the rest who hate them. Min-Liang Tan, one of the co-founders, loves to occasionally loves to tease fans with outrageous items. In fact, it’s a tradition for the tech industry to anticipate what’s in store for April Fools’ Day every year. The latter is still months away, but it seems consumers are already suspecting that the Project Hazel mask might be a joke.

We actually love how insane the gaming company is willing to go when it comes to their annual pranks. What makes it even more entertaining is the fact that a lot of gullible folks still fall for it. However, their Project Hazel does not appear to be gag this time around as the world continues to struggle amid the pandemic. Razer’s recent presentation unveils a mask with smart features.

It is still a concept for now, but what it hopes to deliver is reliable protection along with some cool tech. Razer claims the Project Hazel mask will have a surgical-grade N95 filtration system, which is essential to prevent 2019 nCoV transmission. Of course, it will undergo a rigorous testing process before the FDA and CDC give it the thumbs up.

Kudos to the design team for addressing another challenge when it comes to masks. To benefit lip-readers, the shell is transparent and made out of recycled plastic. According to sources, it is also scratch and water-resistant. Project Hazel sports two disc-type ventilators that house not only the N95 filters but a microphone and speaker system as well. This lets you communicate more clearly as your voice is no longer muffled. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Razer without RGB LED lighting. Thus, yes it glows.

Images courtesy of Razer