In today’s world where wearing face masks is a new norm, we can hardly tell if a person is smiling or not. Let alone understand really understand what they are saying. The JabberMask aims to breach this communication barrier with its amazing features including the ability to mimic your smile.

Game designer Tyler Glaiel created this protective gear for the purpose of letting people see through your mask. In a sense, it tells when you are smiling, puckering up your lips, expressing surprise, saying no or yes, show emojis, more. This is possible through the use of RGB LED lights that mimic your mouth’s movements.

The JabberMask features a virtual mouth that moves in time with what you’re saying. It uses voice recognition via a built-in microphone so it can move in sync with your mouth. There are three models to choose from: Lite, Pro, and Deluxe.

The Lite has 6×6 color LED, runs on four AAAA batteries, the deluxe has 8×8 color LED, rechargeable battery, and mic to make the mask smile. The Pro on the other hand comes with 8×8 color LED, rechargeable battery, mic, remote control for the facial gestures, and built-in software so you can control the lights through an iOS or Android app. The app lets you pick emojis, letters, words, symbols, set display mode, set a playlist, and adjust the mic, LED, brightness.

Meanwhile, all JabberMask models have the on/off switch and sleep mode function to save on battery. They are also made from cotton so they are healthy to use and not just for fashion.

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Images courtesy of JabberMask