The Razer Pro Click wireless mouse is not just a great addition to your office gear. It is also a must-have for those who spend most of their time on the computer.

Razer co-designed this tech with Humanscale, a pioneer in office ergonomics that provide workstations that adapt to the user and not the other way around. This device aims to provide both work precision and comfort. Its ergonomic handle prevents carpal tunnel syndrome because of the added palm support, which stops users from anchoring their wrist onto work surfaces. This in turn alleviates strain and promotes better arm posture.

The Razer Pro Click wireless mouse also boasts a powerful optical sensor. Its 16,000 DPI sensor detects even the finest movement of the mouse. This offers the user an acute level of precision that equates to maximum productivity and work efficiency. It boasts an amazing 400-hour battery life when connected to Bluetooth and up to 200 hours via 2.4GHz wireless.

This handy work office gear offers multi-host connectivity. This means it can connect to four different devices which lessens the need to constantly pair and unpair. You can connect it to a laptop, tablet, desktop, or Android TV with a simple click.

The Razer Pro Click wireless mouse also has eight programabble buttons where you can assign secondary functions and macros to further maximize work efficiency. And since it is designed for productivity, this mouse works to a max of 50 million clicks. The switches are durable enough to withstand multiple clicks, which makes it the “ultimate go-to mouse” not just for work but also play.

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Images courtesy of Razer