The Raven Smart Car Upgrade System provides 24/7 live video streaming and more. It comes in a sleek and compact device that seamlessly fits on the dashboard.

This device uses dual-facing cameras to record HD videos of the inside and the front of your car and offers the convenience of sending the videos to family and friends with a gesture. Recorded videos can also be saved locally or to the cloud for later access.

The live streaming feature allows your family to check on your whereabouts on the road so they’ll know right away if there’s been an accident or if you have arrived at your destination. The camera continues to record activities in and around your car even when your vehicle is parked, which is vital for cases when there are unexpected events, such as a break-in. The device alerts you of the incident and you have viable evidence to provide to the insurance folks.

More than a dashcam, the Raven Smart Car Upgrade System also provides road directions and real-time speeding alerts. Likewise, it gives next turn navigation and traffic updates. The two HD screens are customizable to your preferred alert displays.

This device even generates driving reports so you know where you parked your car in the previous weeks. It also has a built-in OBD-II diagnostics to let you know if and when your vehicle is having any issues.

This smart tool is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE ready and lightweight at less than a pound. It has dual-noise canceling microphones and equipped with a 16GB internal storage and microSD card slot that can accommodate up to 256GB.

The Raven Smart Car Upgrade Systems easy to install. Just plug into the OBD-II port for power and vehicle data and place on the dashcam. It works with a companion app where you can access diagnostics reports, share live videos, and save recorded footage.

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Photos Courtesy of Raven