Norwegian architectural studio Norske Mikrohus brings the beauty and practicality of tiny home living with its functional Rast house on wheels. It boasts lightweight construction for easy access to dense and remote areas, and smart interior design for multi-functional living space.

This tiny house measures 174 square feet of lightweight and weather-resistant local timber and aluminum roofing. It can withstand wet-weather conditions including rain and snowfall. David and Jeanette Reiss-Andersen, founders of Norsake Mikrohus, covered the interior walls and ceiling with a pale birch veneer and the flooring is vinyl. Meanwhile, the exterior is clad in dark stain to blend in with the landscape.

In terms of living space, the Rast has a daybed in the living room that converts into a bed for sleeping. At its foot is a folding table that doubles as a nightstand or shelf. Moreover, it has a bath and a secondary sleeping area equipped with bunk beds. There is also an open-plan kitchen facing the entrance which is equipped with a dishwasher, sink, faucet, and cooking area. 

For ambient or natural lighting, the house has large paneled glass windows. It also has glass double doors that swing open to connect the interior to the outdoors. The window in the bathroom even provides plenty of sunlight. Designed with the Nordic weather conditions in mind, the roof can withstand heavy rainfall or snowfall. Its walls also have thick insulation made with glass, wool, and aluminum. But even during sunny days, the interior of Rast feels comfortable and homey thanks to the large windows and the doorway.  

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Imagea courtesy of Norske Mikrohus