As prominent European brands infuse the automotive market with EV alternatives, Chinese manufacturers are also on the move. Reports tell us Skywell is poised to ship its luxury sedan — the SKYHOME — to the United Kingdom. With an impressive growth in demand for emission-free mobility, its arrival should provide interested buyers with a more affordable option.

Long gone are the days when products from China are viewed as nothing but cheap imitations of whatever is popular. In fact, comparisons made by respected car pundits found that they offer the best bang for the buck when it comes to build quality, features, performance, and other attributes. As such, let’s find out how this platform stacks up against the competition.

As noted by the press release, the design “comes from traditional Chinese architectural aesthetics.” Similar to what its established contemporaries currently have, the SKYHOME is an elegant four-door fastback that is best experienced with a chauffeur behind the wheel. Still, you should likewise take it for a spin to see how well it handles.

Specifications for the U.K. are yet to be finalized, but sources hinted at two trim packages. The entry-level variant touts a single-motor configuration, while the flagship gets a dual-motor setup. The latter will purportedly output around 671 bhp and zip from zero to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds. Skywell does away with the B-pillar to make entry and exit seamless.

This means the SKYHOME flaunts suicide rear passenger doors. Inside the classy interior, those in front are greeted by a digital display that runs the width of the dashboard. Instead of a traditional steering wheel form factor, it uses a futuristic yoke with additional controls mounted close to the driver’s thumbs.

A massive headliner-mounted display can be deployed for second-row passengers. With mobile connectivity, it can be used for productivity or entertainment. Carefully arranged LEDs softly illuminate the cabin and double as mood lighting. The SKYHOME also leverages artificial intelligence dubbed “Xiaowei” for a variety of convenient functions.

At first, we felt like the marque sounded familiar. After a bit of research, it turned out that Skywell is a subsidiary of Skyworth — a supplier of TVs and home entertainment appliances. It seems they’ve taken a page from Xiaomi and developed the SKYHOME to expand their portfolio beyond consumer electronics.

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Images courtesy of Skywell