Now that its partnership with Adidas is no longer in effect, Porsche design has is collaborating with Puma for high-end footwear. The latest offering takes its automotive influences and channels them into awesome kicks.. The Puma x Porsche Design HYBRID evoKNIT is a men’s running shoe that would look great with a casual getup. With these on your feet, you have the carmaker’s racing technology behind every stride. The brand even promises that users will get superior running performance, but that’s kind of subjective in our opinion. It’s currently available in one colorway, b

Nevertheless, you can’t deny that a pair of these look awesome. Just like the name implies, the shoe’s upper is fully knitted instead of using a polyester like other models. Breathable inserts provide just enough ventilation to keep your feet cool. The best way to describe it is like wearing a snug pair of socks, but with more support and traction.

Meanwhile, the soles make use of Puma’s proprietary NRGY beads for optimum cushioning. Additionally, the IGNIT foam is a lightweight component that enhances energy return from each stride. Overall, both technologies should deliver first-rate shock absorption for users of the Puma X Porsche Design HYBRID evoKNIT. Other materials used in its construction include leather, nylon, lycra, and polyester. The combination should make it quite comfortable to wear during on your run or maybe a leisurely walk. This makes us look forward to other future models from this collaboration. The shoes are now available and retail for $200 a pair.

Images courtesy of Puma