Though everything is digital now, a bunch of holdouts still prefer their content in physical form, especially when it comes to photos. There’s just something about printed photographs — they feel a lot more special than flipping through a digital album.

The tactile experience of “touching” your photos and putting them in frames goes a long way in immortalizing memories, and memories in this age of hyper-information can get pretty fragile at times. But printing photos typically involves going to a photo lab if you don’t own a printer, and who wants to go to all that trouble?

Thankfully, the Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer for iPhone lets you print photos right off your iPhone pretty easily. You can print anything from your camera roll, or you can shoot photos and print them in “real time” as well. It uses zero-ink sticker paper, just like the Polaroid ZIP, giving all your photos peel-off backing so you can turn them into stickers.

The Prynt Pocket also comes with an app that lets you “print” videos. We know that sounds ridiculous, but just read on. This feature lets you attach a video file to a photo, print it, then have a friend or family member scan that photo using the app to play the video clip, sort of like augmented reality.

You don’t need to worry about running out of paper, by the way — Prynt is the only company that offers an unlimited paper plan for $35 every two months. That’s on top of the $150 asking price of the device itself, just so you know, but that doesn’t matter because we think by now you’re already convinced you should get this.

Prynt Pocket