The concept for Vantot’s Sunseeker streetlights is actually present in nature. The sunflower, for instance, is known for how it always faces the sun for it to grow, hence its name. This streetlamp follows the same idea, but instead of having the solar lamps fixed on a post, they hang along a chain so they can freely spin and face the sunlight. 

This allows the lamps to soak up the sun’s rays and achieve optimal solar harvesting. Hence, in turn it solves the problem when clouds cast shadows or buildings block the sunlight. Each lamp has light sensors that detect where the sun shines the strongest, propelling them to move along the chain or spin on their axis and face that direction. The slow movement gives an otherworldly character to the Sunseeker streetlights, making them look like a fleet of UFOs hovering and spinning in the night sky.

Vantot introduced the Sunseeker for the brand new Victoriapark in the city center of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. The lights are built with a modular design principle, which means each part is replaceable and mendable. This makes the fixtures sustainable and eco-friendly as only the broken pieces will have to be discarded and not the whole light. This way, making it cost-effective and also helps reduce material waste. 

Vantot’s Sunseeker streetlights can easily integrate into any urban setting. They are also adjustable in length to fit the required spatial dimensions of any setting. Likewise, the lights are low maintenance as they are lightweight and easy to transport and install.

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Images courtesy of Vantot