If you closely followed all the CES 2024 news last week, there were plenty of awesome announcements to hype up tech-savvy consumers for the whole year and beyond. As always, we’ve already covered some of the cool stuff, but there is more to sift through in the coming days. For example, there’s the Ballie by Samsung.

Judging by the company’s tagline for its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, artificial intelligence will be at the forefront of their latest hardware and more. Therefore, we can safely assume the companion robot in question will play a huge part in its smart home ecosystem. After its initial debut at CES 2020, the product underwent a design revamp and more.

As much as we are all thrilled to have a little robot buddy to interact with and order around at home, it’s still not clear when Samsung will make the Ballie commercially available. Hence, set your expectations properly for now and try to see if this concept’s proposed features are worth the cost of early adoption.

When robot vacuums first came out, most of us saw it as a niche platform. However, almost every modern dwelling has one. You can think of Ballie as a motorized smart speaker that executes any command within its protocols. It can interact with pets and dispense treats as needed. An integrated projector allows it to output large-format images or videos for entertainment and more.

“Ballie acts as a personal home assistant, autonomously driving around the home to complete various tasks. By connecting to and managing home appliances, Ballie can provide a helping hand to users in many situations — continually learning from users’ patterns and habits to provide smarter, more personalized services.” writes Samsung.

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Images courtesy of Samsung