With the state of flagship smartphones these days, many tech pundits believe innovation may have taken a backseat these past few years. Annual hardware refreshes no longer ignite excitement among consumers like before, but Nubia’s recent stint at this year’s MWC has renewed our outlook. Check out the appropriately named Music and its cool features.

It seems almost every Android OEM is following the trend of foldable handsets. This means Samsung can no longer lay claim to the lion’s share of the market. Nonetheless, the traditional candy bar form factor is a stalwart style and there’s no hint of it ever changing soon.

ZTE’s former subsidiary is a major player in the mobile gaming scene, but this fresh face takes a bold step elsewhere. These days, all smartphones support all types of audio playback — either with files stored internally or via streaming services. The Nubia Music, meanwhile, takes it a notch higher.

Immediately catching our eye is the large rear-facing speaker grille positioned right beside its dual camera setup. All of these, alongside the LED flash module, sit on a raised glass island with rounded corners. The manufacturer says the cosmetic elements were derived from vinyl record players.

Nubia claims the DTS:X Ultra-enhanced unit is capable of a 600% higher volume than standard smartphone speakers. If the situation calls for discrete listening sessions, the Music’s top-frame-mounted dual 3.5 mm jacks let users share their tunes with a friend. A 5,000 mAh battery helps it last longer than average.

To drive the point home, this device is endowed with a vibrant rear panel design. So far, there seem to be two colorways of the Music. One flaunts a yellow back which is a minimalist choice.  Another is rendered in a mix of blue, red, cream, and orange shades defined as geometric shapes.

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Images courtesy of Nubia