Lately, we have been talking about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting daily life. Infections show no signs of stopping anytime soon and healthcare workers are urging the public to do their part. In order to avoid COVID-19 transmissions, people should be staying indoors as much as possible. Meanwhile, if they absolutely need to step out to resupply essential items, social distancing and wearing protective equipment should be followed. Project Black understands the level of protection that should block out the virus and presents the TR2.

While regular folk can use surgical masks or those that meet the N95 standard to filter particles. Studies show that these are good enough, but first responders might require something more heavy-duty. That’s where the TR2 comes in as it offers military-grade performance. Aside from its specs, we find that the design just looks cool.

Depending on the situation, users might need to keep their masks on for longer periods of time. Thus, Project Black is designing it with comfort even with prolonged usage. The soft-touch medical-grade silicone forms a reliable seal and even works with facial hair. Thus, those who don’t want to shave for whatever reasons can still wear one.

This tactical respirator appears should benefit those who work in the front lines. This includes doctors, nurses, and emergency responders who regularly expose themselves to people who could be carrying SARS-COV-2. Unlike disposable alternatives, the TR2 features a replaceable filter. The manufacture claims that the strap options can adapt to various headgear for convenience. Additionally, the low-riding seals still leave enough room for eyewear.

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Images courtesy of Project Black